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All visitors are welcome to our ranch, which is centrally located near all the major attractions such as Disney, Sea World, MGM, Busch Gardens , and Kennedy Space Center just to name a few great locations Florida has to offer.


If you are interested or have any questions, including up & coming calfs, please contact Roland Schultz by email or call (352) 568-3238.


RS 364 Pedigree
Born - 3/3/14 • ABBA #928332

He is naturally gentle as they get since his birth . His sire is pure Guzerat imported from Guatemala & his dam RS/204 is a pure Gyr, a 5P/757 daughter that could be a milk cow if I fed here like one, which is a good thing concidering the price of milk  and all Brahman & waterbuffalo milk is the good types of milk according to Beta Casein testing for A1 & A2 types of milk,  Go - ( Brahman's - Zebu's - Cebu's)! This  Gyr x Guzerat cross is simular to what Brazil did over several yrs. to produce Indu Brazil cattle.


RS 369 Pedigree
Born - 7/18/14 • ABBA # 935368

His sire being a 3 yr. calving ease bull for the breed, & a grandson of Cherokee Torgson 344 & a great grand son of  Cherokee Vernon 489. RS/364's dam RS/232's grandfather is 5P Everato 757 & HK 722/7 & she produces a lot of milk due to her sire's and other's Gyr blood. HK 714/7 & HK 722/7 both produce females with perfect bag's & quarter's and gentle calves. 714/7 produces solid dark red calves from nose to tale every time, very few red bull's do that.

Roland Schultz

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