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All visitors are welcome to our ranch, which is centrally located near all the major attractions such as Disney, Sea World, MGM, Busch Gardens , and Kennedy Space Center just to name a few great locations Florida has to offer.


If you are interested or have any question's including up & coming calf's, please contact Roland Schultz by email or call (352)568-3238.

This is RS/322, born 2/18/10. He was shown at 1 yr. old and has always been extremely gentle since birth. His sire, C/22, is a pure Gyr bull with domestic & Brazillian bloodlines. RS/322's dam is a Jumbo De Belo Vale 2644* daughter x 757, also with Meribeth Vinyard and RS/16 bloodlines. His dam's side is heavy milking & fertile, calving near to 20 yrs. old.

This is RS/303,born 4/7/08. She is genle, as seen in the picture as a calf. RS/303 will be bred 9/12 to Pedro 111/1* this time. RS/303 is a Avispa 34/3* Mexico imported bull daughter. Her dam RS/255 is a Jumbo De Belo Vale 2644* daughter x 5P/ 757.

This is RS/327, born 5/11/10. He was trained & shown at 9 mos. old and is very gentle. His dam RS/288 is a daughter of the black Avispa 34/3* pure Indu Brazil bull imported from Mexico. 288's dam RS/215 is a Herderio 885* daughter x 5P/ 757. RS/327's sire RS/283 is a Pedro 111/1* son, 283's dam was a Jumbo De Belo Vale 2644* daughter x Maribeth Vineyard bloodlines etc.

This is RS/340 born 11/6/11 he is pet gentle, his sire is RS/312 a white & red pure Gyr C/22 son. 312's dam is a Herdeiro 885* daughter x 5p/757. RS/340's dam is RS/162 the oldest cow here presently at 19 yrs. old and she is 4 month's bred again with a Mem Bandolero Rio 4/203* calf her 3rd 4/203 calf so far.RS/162 is a cross with Black & white, Maribeth & Jumbo 2644* bloodlines.

This is RS/343 born 2/18/12 he is an American gray Brahman bull calf sired by the (golden certified meat sire) IW'S Rexcrata 282 one of only 3 bull's in the breed to be given this certificate award and the calf is growing and looking to be like his sire. His mother RS/290 who's sire is +Mr. V8 700/3 and was a five yrs. in a row triple trait leader for the Brahman breed in weaning wt. - yearling wt. & milk. RS/290's mother RS/225 was a FDC Adapter 1 206/2 daughter.This bull calf RS/343 will soon be getting Genestar tested.

This is RS/345 born 3/11/12 his sire is a black & white speckled pure Indu Brazil bull, who's sire was CMT's black pure Indu Brazil bull Limonges 55-610* imported from Brazil in 1980. RS/345's dam RS/288 is a black Avispa 34/3* pure Indu Brazil daughter,RS/288's mother is a Herdeiro 855* pure Gyr daughter x 5p/757. This very long eared bull is turning tri colered more & more every day - black & white & red speckled & is growing very fast like his dam RS/288 did, at 6 mos. old RS/288 was 6 inche's from being as tall as her mother.

This is RS/346 born 4/26/12 , his sire is Avispa De Negro 34/3* the black pure Indu Brazil bull imported from Mexico & then exported to Thailand. RS/346's dam RS/215 is a red & white speckled pure Gyr cow & is one of the best cow's in the herd she is sired by Herdeiro 885*. RS/215's dam is RS/188 a white & red speckled RS/16 x 5p/757 daughter.

This is RS/347 born 4/28/12 she is a full younger sister to RS/303 being sired by Avispa 34/3* and has the same dam RS/255 and is gentle like her sister like twin's in every way.

This is RS/348 born 5/6/12 he is sired by Avispa 34/3* His dam is RS/204 a red & white speckled 5p/757 daughter RS/204's dam was RS/16 who was a 5p White Man 461 grandaughter, RS/16's dam was B/03 a cow I bought from William Clark in Texas in 1982 with RS/16 at her side. B/03 had 5p & Meribeth Vineyard breeding in her, and had her last calf at 19 yrs. old a white & red speckled 5p/757 son. B/03 and her offspring didn't & don't know how to have a bad calf only exceptional ones, like RS/16 & the red 2 yr. old bull standing next to our granddaughter back when in my website.

This is RS/335 born 4/20/11 pictured around 9 mos. old the last 2011 winter. Her sire RS/282 was a red & white Avispa 34/3* son out of a 5p/757 daughter. RS/335's dam PS/15 is sired by a 5p/757 son PS/10 he had about every Gyr's blood both domestic and imported that E.O.D. had as well as other's. RS/335 also has Jumbo 2644* in her bloodline and RS/355 goes back to a maribeth Vineyard cow I bought from William Clark in 1982 Rainbow Queen 358 a Cherokee Negro 1/88 daughter that was 13 yrs. old when I bought her as a 3 in one, she had a 4 mo. old 5p/461 speckled daughter at side & a full sister in the oven. 358 had her last calf at 19 yrs. old. RS/335 is very gentle and followed me everywhere as a calf.

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